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All Options

All Options

This is just a small list of options that are available to you.


Additional Glass Options



Tinted – Tinted glass provides additional shading from direct sunlight and warm conditions. Choose from a variety of tones SunCoat Low-E, Bronze, Gray, Evergreen, Azurlite, etc.


Tempered – Tempered glass is durable and is used or required for its safety characteristics, when it breaks, it breaks into little pebble-like pieces without sharp edges. Tempered glass is ideal for reducing the likelihood of injury in the event of breakage.


Laminated – Laminated glass is highly effective in reducing noise. It also eliminates 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, providing the highest degree of protection from the sun for your home furnishings.


Argon Gas – Argon gas is used between panes to improve thermal performance.