Grove Window Supply

Our customers appreciate our remarkable work ethic and professionalism.  Large or small we approach each project with the same goal, to provide the highest level of customer service and build the best reputation in the industry.

1. A complete and comprehensive take-off of your plans that will include: compliance with code requirements, functionality and design performance, value engineering, energy efficiency and overall project excellence.


2. On site field measure with you and/or your framers to verify project direction and rough opening sizes.

3. All products are shipped directly from the manufacture to our distribution center where we will meticulously inspect them for quality and accuracy.

4. We always deliver on the day and time that works best for you. Prior to delivery we will remove and store all screens and hardware, eliminating storage and damage concerns. We will deliver your screens and hardware upon project completion at your request.


5. Upon delivery, if you are ready, we will spread the windows to their appropriate locations. Otherwise we will consolidate the windows in a safe and secure area on site.

Grove Window Supply Inc. also offers installations services. Please call today for more information.

Phone: 425-333-4499

6. Once installed, we will initiate and perform a comprehensive walk through to make sure your windows were built and installed correctly and that they operate as designed. We will also confirm that your windows were installed in their respected locations such as tempered glass and windows with grids.


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